Plasma Cutters: High Tech w/ High Heat

ConFab, Incorporated

Metal fabricators and welders have relied on the sheer power of flame heat for hundreds of years. In fact, the European Iron Age began over 1,000 years ago. As time passes, however, processes become more innovative. Today, computers are as important in metallurgical endeavors as they are in any other industry. A computer numerically controlled (CNC) plasma cutter marries the powers of high technology with high heat for extreme accuracy.

Precision is a must in fabrication, especially when creating essential features like right angles. Buildings that require 1/16-inch-square corners across the frame are the norm for ConFab, Incorporated, a subsidiary company under the C-Tech Industrial Group, Inc. umbrella of companies. The CNC plasma cutter speeds up such jobs.

One of the greatest things about the cutter, explains Tracy Clites, President of ConFab, Incorporated, is its versatility. Cutting out odd parts or shapes is simplified. The CNC plasma cutter in service at ConFab, Incorporated handles pieces as large as 6’11” x 10’11” and as thick as 3/4 of an inch. The CNC plasma cutter puts human hands on a computer keyboard and a mouse instead of behind a torch. Thus, accuracy reaches new levels. “Quality is one thing that always takes priority at ConFab,” says Clites.

Building Relationships

Industrial Insulation Services, Inc

Industrial Insulation Services, Inc. (IISI), a subsidiary company under our umbrella, is focused on building relationships that last. “We serve all customers related to petrochemical, chemical, transportation terminals and ethanol plants,” notes Brad Clites, president of the companies. “Our services truly benefit our clients because we understand their special needs, we are committed to service, and we are willing to respond.”

Clites says his interest in a client’s success supersedes that of just a business acquaintance. “It becomes more of a friendship than a business relationship,” he says. “If we don’t please our clients, we are not looking out for our future.”

IISI’s timely response is bolstered by positive relationships with suppliers. Without the commitment of our suppliers such as Specialty Products and Insulation and Safway Scaffolding, this would not be possible. They, like IISI, understand that when a client calls for service, ‘no’ is not an option. This dedication has helped grow the list of clients, which includes BG Products, HollyFrontier and Koch.


“BCI’s efforts were excellent. We beat our internal estimate by a good chunk on cost and did it a month quicker than originally scheduled.”

- Jim Stump
El Dorado Plant Manager

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