C-Tech Industrial Group is composed of several multifaceted companies that include Blackburn Construction, Inc., Blackburn Maintenance, Inc., ConFab Incorporated, and Industrial Insulation Service, Inc. Each are industry leaders in providing process piping construction, plant maintenance services, insulation and scaffolding, and piping & steel fabrication.

C-Tech Industrial Group’s constant drive for customer satisfaction, concern and attention to safety of its employees and an uncompromising commitment to quality, has allowed us to grow from the midwest region to serving businesses all over the country. Our combined experience and technical competence has helped us create a long list of continually satisfied customers throughout the nation. From construction, maintenance and fabrication to petrochemical, ethanol, and petroleum refining services we have over 50 years of experience to solve your next project's needs.


“BCI’s efforts were excellent. We beat our internal estimate by a good chunk on cost and did it a month quicker than originally scheduled.”

- Jim Stump
El Dorado Plant Manager

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